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Bramble Energy Branding

Bramble Energy relocated their offices to include large warehouse space and internal laboratories of their own. We were asked us to design, produce and install a complete office refit. The brief was to create a design that aligns with their vision, mission, and company culture. It should inspire and motivate employees while showcasing the company’s innovative technology and commitment to sustainability this requires careful consideration of various design elements.

Our sister company, Grapefruit Creative, were an integral part of the entire process and worked closely with the project manager to produce several ideas using only the brand guidelines that were creative and would translate into large format print/ production. Allowing our Graphics & Creative teams to work together so closely enabled us to react quickly to any changes or ideas and beat the competition from a creative standpoint. As a company we could offer a developing brief with practical production and installation advice to provide in depth testing with the client onsite to ensure the client was happy with outcome.

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Planning was well thought from the initial design phase allowing for a seamless installation phase (in our experience it is always essential to take this into account from the start, and not an after thought.

After the initial consultation they opted for an open concept layout to foster collaboration and communication among employees. This design promotes a sense of unity and encourages interaction between different teams and departments. The use of partially transparent partitions were used to maintain privacy while creating an open and spacious atmosphere. The Client was open to our expressive design concepts and allowed to really stretch what we can achieve.

As with all projects we faced our challenges. A large bulk of the works was glass partition/manifestation works, testing the colour of this was essential and the install of this complex repeating pattern was key to delivering the desired look, here we were a victim of our own good design, allowing for only a few mm of error on each glass panel. Production created many tests on different medias and printers to achieve the desired level of transparency for the glass partitions. Producing these print files in a logical way was extremely important as each pane was measured and the design continued around the interior of the offices, splicing off at intersections and carrying on with the design seamlessly. If one was missed then the rest would not line up! This was an important part of the design process and we were extremely careful to adhere to it from print file to install. Skilled installers were able to ensure the designed pattern was installed as per our in house design team ideas

On site installation was demanding and thorough planning with other contractors on site was very important to ensure we could deliver the client what was had promised. Access to certain areas of the job was difficult, gaining 8m high access inside a working office environment while installing large vinyl graphics and wooden acoustic cladding was a challenge that we took on efficiently.

We are really happy with the overall branding and have turned the large empty atrium space into a vibrant warm social space hub, which acts as the beating heart of the building. The client was extremely pleased, from entering the building you are greeted with impactful and colourful designs which lead you into the wider working areas of Bramble Energy. The Creative team developed a design that is not only visually pleasing but also has a practical element for showing off or shielding views into sensitive areas of the space. 

Through strong communication and design we were able to secure other branded elements for Bramble Energy such as vehicles, trailers and digital branding.

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