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Gift Card & Voucher Card Association

Grapefruit Graphics is committed to delivering sustainable event branding solutions that are both visually impactful and environmentally friendly. This is exemplified in how we recently supported the Gift Card and Voucher Association (GCVA) in creating graphics and branding materials for their annual conference.

Read on to discover more about the materials we produced for GCVA and the sustainable processes involved.

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What is the GCVA conference and what did they require?

The GCVA conference is a renowned event within the gift card industry, bringing together over 400 companies from across the UK and internationally. It aims to immerse attendees in the gift card ecosystem while providing extensive networking opportunities.

GCVA already had the designs for their exhibition branding but asked Grapefruit Graphics to bring them to life using only sustainable and recyclable products.

Sustainable products

To honour the client’s request for sustainable branding, we created materials that were either PVC-free, made from recycled media, or that could be recycled after the event.

We designed table cards and podiums using dispa board. This material is made from 100% paper and polyline, meaning it’s both recyclable and PVC-free. We also used dispa board to create larger branding materials.

To make the experience as immersive as possible for the client, we also created window graphics and wayfinding. We used PVC-free vinyl for these materials, meaning they contained no non-recyclable plastics and polymers. We also produced the window graphics using triple-layer printing to reduce the physical waste once removed.

To guarantee branding materials were recycled properly, all waste was disposed of and recycled on our premises.

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