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UEFA Euros 2020

This was one of the first events to emerge post-lockdown, and it is safe to say we were all feeling the pressure! As the organising committee had no inhouse experience with event branding, we were contracted to deliver this project.

With the client not 100% sure the event would go ahead, no idea of covid budget implications and the UK supply chain at rock bottom, we fought through those challenge and working collaboratively with the client delivered one amazing (and safe!) fan zone.

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Grapefruit were responsible for adhering to UEFAs brand guidelines, and in the end managed, produced and delivered over 2000 linear meters of fence scrim, 1000 square meters of vinyl, as well as numerous foamex headers, banner wraps and freestanding wayfinding signage. This project was also our introduction to covid safety signage, producing and installing thousands of wipeable menus, QR codes and social distancing solutions
After ten days onsite, the team were ready to sit back and watch some football with a beer! Almost all of our branding kit was recycled post event, with a tonne of knitted polyester being donated to a charity who bring our products back to life in new ways such as tote bags and sports equipment for schools.

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