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Navigating Waves of Success: Worlds Toughest Row 2023 Atlantic Crossing

In 2023, a group of adventurers embarked on a remarkable journey to conquer the Atlantic Ocean, participating in the world’s toughest rowing challenge – The World’s Toughest Row. This annual event tests the limits of human endurance and determination as participants row across the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean.


Our client, team’s of seasoned rowers and adventurers, sought to participate in the 2023 Atlantic Crossing – a grueling 3,000-mile rowing race from Europe to the Caribbean. The team aimed not only to test their physical and mental fortitude but also to raise awareness for a many charitable causes close to their hearts.


The first steps involve understanding the essence of the team and the challenge they were undertaking. We had briefs from team members, delving into their motivations, values, and the cause they were supporting. Where endurance met charity, the challenge of adequately showcasing all sponsors became a pivotal aspect of our branding strategy. Understanding the importance of sponsor visibility for both the team’s success and the charitable cause, we refined our approach to spotlight sponsors effectively.

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The branding plays a crucial role in attracting sponsors, increasing visibility, and fostering a sense of community support. We supply the race organiser branding, alongside individual teams graphics and full hull wraps. Our in-house design team Grapefruit Creative are on hand to provide design concepts that are eye catching and functional. We used materials that we are confident could withstand the harsh ocean conditions through internal testing and collaborating with manufacturers to ensure that all materials were durable and weather-resistant.

With a strict lead time and level of quality to stick to we were able to showcase Grapefruits technical knowledge with another world class sports team.

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