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Event Sustainability Live is set to prove that Sustainability and style go hand in hand.

Event Sustainability Live took place earlier this month at the London Excel Centre. The exhibition is shaping the narrative for responsible event planning and paving the way for a more sustainable future in the events industry.
Event Sustainability Live is set to prove that sustainability and style can go hand in hand.

In a pioneering move towards a greener event industry, organisers AMP Events have partnered with eco-friendly suppliers and exhibitors to create a visually stunning and environmentally responsible exhibition.

In 2024 Event Sustainability Live will be hosting an event in London and will unite eco friendly businesses all around the globe

The decision to use sustainable and recycled materials for branding aligns with the event’s overarching theme of promoting eco-conscious practices within the events and exhibitions sector.

This commitment to eco-friendly branding is a reflection of the growing awareness and responsibility within the events industry to reduce its ecological footprint. Event Sustainability Live aims to inspire other exhibitions and conferences to follow suit, setting a precedent for a more sustainable approach to event planning and execution.

We have been embracing sustainable and recycled branding materials for years and our vision aligns perfectly with the ethos of Event Sustainability Live. We believe that events should not only be informative and engaging but also environmentally responsible.