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Hull wraps

Vinyl wrapping your hull can protect new boats or give a second youth to old boats allowing you to personalise to your unique style without impacting on future resale.

A vinyl wrap is a unique, flexible, quick, cost-effective and durable solution that also protects your boat.

The hull of a 40-foot sailing boat can be completely coloured in just 2 days and at a lower cost (typically 30-60% less) than when using paint. Our team of professional vinyl wrapping specialists can transform your boat into a masterpiece.

Another significant advantage of vinyl boat wrapping compared with paint is that you can revert to the initial hull if you plan on selling
your boat.

This option is very popular with people buying
new boats who want to personalise it to their taste but without impacting on the resale ability or resale value.

The films we use offer a protection from the UV effects of the sun which means that when you sell the boat to purchase your next one, the wrap can be removed revealing a ‘good as new’ gel coat finish underneath.