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Interior wraps

Grapefruit can offer a quick, clean, and high-quality solution to refurbish you interiors. With fantastic interior wrapping solutions you can achieve long-lasting outstanding finishes, with a process that reduces both time and mess associated with conventional painting and refurbishments.

Wrapping is a fast growing market for boat interiors as it provides an easy, cost effective way to enhance walls and built in furniture with bespoke finishings.

With a huge variety of textured wood finished to bright colours films, we can find the best design for you. These films can be applied to a range of surfaces from tables, wall panels, doors, staircases and cupboards within Saloons, guest cabins and wet-room areas and on larger vessels crew mess accommodation areas.

Many of the films have life span of up to 10 years, with the added advantage of being removable so that the interior decoration can be changed to keep up with current trends, or when vessels are sold to new owners.

The vinyl can also be easily repaired if necessary and are flexible enough to adhere to shapes and curves including 90 degree edge returns.

Specialists resin coating and printings provide textures and deep colours of natural wood to give you the beauty of grains giving the illusion of high end wood finishings.