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Round Britain eRIB Challenge 2023 plans for a 17 year old to circumnavigate Britain in an electric RIB.

There is an increasing awareness of the environmental impacts we are having on the planet. The Round Britain eRIB challenge is a not-for-profit event which aims to support the marine industry’s transition to electric propulsion for leisure and small commercial craft. To do this a 17 year old skipper from Taunton, Somerset will attempt to drive an electric boat around Britain in Summer 2023. Setting off from Lyme Regis in Dorset, the team will be using a unique combination of shoreside infrastructure and on-water charging.

Events don’t just leave behind memories for its attendees but they also leave a number of physical impacts on the environment which can be both short term and long term.

Grapefruit are proud to support Harry and promote the need for more zero emission vessels on our waters. We thrive to be a sustainable company and actively research ways we can develop in our own products, services, and the events we work with. 

We believe that Harry’s cause is an important one and the introduction of electric charging infrastructure for boats all over Britain is an important change that needs to be made. We wish him luck with the Round Britain eRIB Challenge and look forward to the change it’ll bring!

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