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Shipping Terms and Conditions

Dear Customer,

In changes made to UK legislation with regards to leaving the EU we are writing to inform you of adjustments Grapefruit have made on the import and export of goods.

Please ensure you provide us with full contact details including; name, phone number and email address for the consignee in country, these will be provided with the courier service. Please be aware shipments are currently taking longer to pass customs, it is important to answer
all calls and contact from customs to avoid further delays, or destruction and/or return of your shipment.

If you have a Notify party in country that should be notified prior to or upon the arrival of the cargo, please provide us of their full details. The consignee or notify party will be contacted by customs in advance of the shipment being delivered.

All shipments, unless agreed prior to export, will be sent DAP – (delivered at place) meaning that the consignee is liable for all duties and taxes based on the destination country specific taxes.

If you do not respond to the customs contact or pay necessary fees, items may be destroyed or sent back. You will also be liable for any charges Grapefruit incur if goods are sent back to us if the relevant
taxes are not paid in customs.

Yours Sincerely

Lisa Samuels,
General Manager
On behalf of Grapefruit Graphics Ltd