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Duchenne Dash

The Duchenne Dash is an annual charity event, a 300km bike ride from London to Paris, aimed at raising funds and awareness for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. In 2023, we were honored to be a part of this inspiring event, witnessing firsthand the passion and dedication of the participants.

Motivated by their enthusiasm, we decided not only to support the event again in 2024 but also to increase our involvement, both as sponsors and participants.

In preparation for the Duchenne Dash 2024, we were responsible for producing prints for conferences leading up to the event. This included designing and printing materials that were essential for promoting the event and ensuring that all information was communicated effectively. A significant part of our contribution this year was producing over 600 boards for way finding signage. These boards were crucial in guiding the riders along the 300km route from London to Paris, ensuring their safety and providing them with necessary information along the way. The design and production of these signs required meticulous planning and execution to withstand the outdoor elements and remain clearly visible throughout the event.

Our involvement with the Duchenne Dash 2024 has been incredibly rewarding. Seeing our team members cross the finish line in Paris was a moment of pride and fulfilment, knowing that our contributions extended beyond professional services to personal achievements and meaningful support for a crucial cause.

We are proud to be a part of such a significant event and look forward to continuing our support for the Duchenne Dash in the years to come.